Problems You May Encounter With Your Solar System


You make the big decision to install a solar system (YAY) and out lay the money to have it installed but what happens if your system goes into fault code or you are thinking that they installers didn’t do a good job.

Unfortunately on a daily basis we see solar systems that have been poorly installed and the home owner isn’t receiving all of the benefits.

Let’s answer some of the Problems you may encounter with your solar system:

  • If your solar installer is inexperienced or careless, the electrical work they perform might be a cause of failure for your solar system. One such issue that we encounter often is poor connections between the modules or strings of the solar system; if a technician incorrectly installs a connection, this might cause a high resistance joint. This high resistance joint generates heat whenever electricity passes through it. If this situation is not attended to for an extended period, it might cause an electrical fire.


  • If your inverter is malfunctioning and showing an error, chances are it might be a low insulation resistance fault from your solar panels. This commonly occurs due to poor manufacturing quality of the solar panels, where due to the extended period in the sun, the panels’ insulation between the frame and solar cells degrade. This low insulation resistance of a single panel is then detected by your inverter and shuts the whole system down as a safety system, rendering your investment moot.


  • If your solar system is not designed and installed correctly and experiences localised shading of any of the panels on a daily basis, this situation might cause a failure in your solar system down the line. Localised shading is commonly caused by either vents or chimneys on your roof that shade part of a panel. Localised shading causes the shaded cells to experience a high resistance joint, which in turn generates heat and might potentially cause an electrical fire.