Commercial Solar Service & Maintenance

Solar Service & Preventative Maintenance To Keep Your System In Perfect Order

We understand Solar, and we want to ensure you do as well.

Solar Service Guys are independent of your installers, and happy to provide services and opinions to ensure your system is performing as expected.

Most of our services include a fully written assessment report, highlighting all aspects of our assessment and any further recommendations, ensuring you have the necessary information you need to make informed decisions. We can also assist in facilitating Warranty Claims, if required.

Commercial Solar Service And Maintenance

Service – Is it Really Needed!!!

“When we purchased Solar, the Sales Guy told me it would last for 25yrs!!”

This is a common misunderstanding of Solar. Whilst the Solar Panels are provided with a 25year performance warranty, it is typically conditional to an ongoing maintenance regime.

Here Are The Most Common Solar Service Issues We Diagnose & Repair

  • Faulty Inverter
  • Lack of Performance and Financial Return
  • Poor Workmanship
  • DC Isolators

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Just A Few Reasons why Solar Service from the Solar Service Guys is Important

Solar Service Guys are technically independent. We have no vested interest in the choice of components or the type of installation that you received.

We simply want to be able to assess and check that your system is performing in accordance with Electrical Compliance and Safety Requirements, and is generating in line with manufacturer recommendations.

At the end of every service, we provide you a Comprehensive Report, outlining all of our observations and, if any defects are found, we will clearly list our recommendations for repair or rectification.

Be Sure To Ask About Our Cost-Effective Preventative Maintenance Plan

Solar Service Guys believe that in order to maximise your system’s performance, ongoing maintenance should be carried out at least every 12 months.

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