Supplying our Services
Completely Contactless

We have updated every one of our processes, to ensure that we continue to deliver a high-quality service whilst maintaining strong hygiene standards for every job, every customer, every time!

Job Safety Analysis

Every job, everytime before we start work we conduct a Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA). We have now expanded this in our key safety principles to ensure we identify any risks which may impact either our work, our staff, or you, our customer.

Social Distancing

Is the practice is ensuring a minimum distance of 1.5m between any person at anytime. Our teams operate under a buddy system, ensuring moving forward all teams work with their partner, thus minimising any risk of spread amongst our teams.

Hygiene Practices Increased

Most of our works are performed outdoors, on your roof or at your electrical switchboard. However, in obtaining your authority for payment or for any compliance matter, we can provide alternatives to minimise any contact risk.


We will call you to advise of our expected arrival and happy to discuss any concerns or requests you have before our commencement. If we need to knock on your door, we will do so with a sanitised instrument. We request that you remain indoors at the provision of our services.

Contactless Payment

We can offer a number of contactless payment methods. If Cash / Cheque is your preferred method of payment, we would ask you advise us in advance, and we ask you place the payment into an envelope and place it in a location which is both safe and accessible for our staff.

Have any questions?

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 77 4897