Important Design Considerations for Rooftop Solar Arrays

Photos of rooftops filled with Solar panels litter the internet, and whilst it’s exciting to see these rooves squeezing every ounce of sunshine into electricity; there are reasons why it’s prudent to ensure that your solar roof design includes what the industry calls ‘service access ways’.  

Allowing access ways from the ridge to the gutter point and again from the gutter and ridge pointstypically no smaller than 30cm allows a person to stand and walk through, ensuring there is no reason for anyone to walk on a panel for reasons of access.  

With the promise of a 25 year performance warranty, you want to ensure that your system design considers the smaller things such as access – as there are many reasons why you may need to access the solar array, and or roof over this time.  One of those reasons is to conduct regular (recommended annual) assessments/maintenance of your Solar PV System to ensure safety, warranty requirements and optimal performance. 

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Source:  Kulima PanapaSolar Service Guys.  March, 2021

Rooftop Solar Arrays