Site Name
Solar Farm in Regional Queensland

System Information

Over 100 MW, Over 390,000 Panels

Service Performed

Quality Assurance Audit and Preventative Maintenance


Following a high-risk health and safety hazard identified, a quality assurance audit was requested from the client. A preliminary investigation performed by a third-party contractor found that there was an electrical connection issue related to sub-standard workmanship. SSG were approached to conduct a full site detailed inspection of similar assets, noting and rectifying any related defects. A large team of field technicians were rapidly deployed to complete the request due to the high-risk nature of the hazard.

Issues identified

Due to the health and safety requirements of the project, the works were conducted during night shift. The size of the system required the team to be broken into smaller units in a divide and conquer type strategy. The assessment showed a consistent trend in the substandard workmanship across the site. The key finding for several assets was electrical terminations had not been tightened correctly, potentially causing an electrical fire from a high resistance connection.

How we fixed it

The resolution for the client request included on site repairs by our skilled field technicians throughout the system to report and rectify the issues. A detailed report notifying the client of all changes that had been conducted was compiled and validated with the assistance of our engineers. Providing a site specific job report to the customer assuring our client that our service was completed to a high quality and mitigating the potential high-risk hazard reoccurrence.