Site Name
Brisbane Markets Limited

System Information

4 MW Rooftop Solar

Service Performed

Proactive Upgrade and Annual Maintenance


After commencing the final stage of the solar installation project, BML put to tender the annual maintenance for their expansive rooftop solar system. Packaged with the annual maintenance was a proactive upgrade program rolled out by the system manufacturer. Through winning this project as a result of SSG industry expertise, a thorough check of the installation was undertaken to gain more information around how to proceed with rectification works.

Issues identified

Coordination between our field techs and the engineering team allowed for efficient investigation into the system while on site. Successfully acquiring information from manufacturers was made easier. While performing the proactive upgrades for BML system, a variety of issues were found, some of which being the result of poorly executed O&M works previously undertaken. Examples of these were heat damage to cable connections, AC filter board damage, corrosion, insulation resistance faults, screen damages and data logger issues. Using a simple and effective documentation process allowed for all crucial information to be captured and communicated efficiently to the manufacturer to enable vital troubleshooting.

How we fixed it

Our approach to resolving issues identified was consistent with our approach to investigating site – methodical and efficient. The process for resolving issues at BML was made smoother due to the groundwork documentation conducted during the investigation phase. Key faulty components were swapped out on the day including the exchanging of data loggers for multiple inverters, AC filter boards and complete “like-for-like” inverter exchanges. To ensure a concrete resolution, testing was conducted after components and settings were changed. All testing and results were recorded in high quality reports confirming a solid resolution.