Site Name


System Information

650 kW, 2244 Panels

Service Performed

Fault Finding and Rectification


Investigation into the Pepsico 650 kW system began when intermittent tripping and monitoring alerts around grid connection parameters were flagged. These alerts triggered safety concerns with the client managing Pepsico. The client, based in Victoria, had reached out to SSG to investigate and resolve the issues to eliminate the potential safety and operation risks regarding the monitoring alerts.

Issues identified

Upon remotely gathering information about the monitoring alerts, it was identified that the inverter settings were unsuited for the facilities needs. In specific, the grid connection parameters Volt-Var, Volt-Watt and overvoltage were raising significant flags within the monitoring system. Due to the site being located interstate in Victoria, a senior field technician was sent to site to ensure the issues would be resolved in a timely manner. While onsite several other issues regarding security restriction were revealed and handled professionally.

How we fixed it

Effective remote communication between our engineers based in Brisbane and senior field technician based on-site allowed for practical troubleshooting to commence. While unforeseen obstacles arose in the form of security restrictions in accessing the inverter interface, concise communication via inverter manufacturers and electricity distributors allowed the team to overcome these minor issues. By establishing a secure interface with the inverter, visualising and recalibrating the inverter settings was able to be smoothly achieved.