Site Name
John Doe’s Solar System

System Information
5kW Solar with Trina Panels and Sungrow Inverter

Service Performed
Solar Repair


John noticed in his latest electricity bill that it was significantly higher than usual. He checked his solar system and found out that it was showing a fault light that he did not notice before. John contacted us and SSG sent a team out to his property within the week.

Issues identified

Solar Service Guys found that John’s solar system has failed due to a ground fault error at his inverter. Ground faults are caused when there is an electrical connection from the solar panels to the equipment frame or earth. The inverter has a ground fault alarm built into it and has detected the fault and turned off as a safety response.

Solar Service Guys performed their fault investigation and found that there was a low insulation resistance on two panels on the roof. Either due to degradation or poor manufacturing quality, panel’s electrical circuitry came into contact with its metallic frame through insulation breakdown.

How we fixed it

Fortunately for John, his solar system was still in warranty and Solar Service Guys was able to process the warranty claim for the two panels on his behalf with the manufacturer. Once the warranty claim was approved, the manufacturer sent the replacement panels to Solar Service Guys.

Solar Service Guys then replaced the panels on John’s roof and retested the system to ensure no other issues were found. John’s solar system was back to being fully operational once the replacement panels were installed.