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What is a Solar Battery & What Can It Do?

Most Solar owners have realised that a Solar PV can only save them so much on their Bill.

When the sun isn’t providing any power for your panels (like at night), your energy retailer provides you with electricity. During the day, if your system is generating more power than your home is consuming, your retailer will pay you for any excess generation that you send back to the power grid. However, the purchase price for that excess power (feed in tariff) will be significantly less than what your retailer will charge you if you then need to buy power from the utility at peak periods.

Solar Batteries And Solar Storage

Fixed Price Energy Bills with sonnenFlat

We offer Solar Battery Energy Storage solutions which allow you to store the excess electricity from your Solar PV system – giving you the power to choose where you get your energy from.

We work with leading brands like Sonnen & Tesla, giving you peace of mind that you’re working with technology leaders, and are supported by local after-sales offices.

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