Air.Conditioner Service

Split air conditioning system: $205* Ducted air conditioning system: $220*

Have you had your air conditioner cleaned or serviced recently? Prior to the season with the heaviest usage?

Package Description

Solar Service Guys’ air conditioning service package includes a full clean of your system’s internal components as well as a complete inspection to ensure all components are operating correctly.


Air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy and have many complex components. Poor air conditioner performance can lead to your system consuming more energy to achieve the same temperature.

Regular servicing of your system will keep it healthy and ensure you are not caught unaware by large electricity bills in the following quarter.

Package Includes

  • A full site inspection of your air con system to review installation quality and performance issues.
  • Electrical functionality tests of air con equipment to investigate any system fault.
  • Refrigerant level test of air con system to ensure optimum performance.
  • A complete system clean of coils, filters and drains on indoor and outdoor units.
  • Verifying that no recalled products are still operating within your system.
  • A detailed report of the inspection and any works completed.
  • Submitting a warranty claim to manufacturers on your behalf if required.
  • Supplying a quote for out-of-warranty equipment. (Quote can only be supplied after a site visit.)
  • All SSG works come with our 12-month workmanship guarantee.

*Pricing is applicable for customers located within 50km radius of a capital city CBD. If your property is more than 50km from a capital city CBD, or if you have a larger/commercial system, we will happily provide you with a quote. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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