Solar Install

Solar Service Guys offer three main types of solar system configurations: Grid Connect, Battery Ready, and Battery Systems.

Solar Service Guys’ solar install packages include an initial site visit to quote on the best system for your needs, followed by the installation of the system. Our experience with servicing solar systems gives us a unique understanding of how to design and install a system built to last. All of our installations come with our 12-month workmanship guarantee.

Solar Grid Icon

Grid-connect systems

The energy saving answer

Do you use most of your power during the day? Are you hoping to reduce your energy bill?

From $3999

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Battery-ready systems

The future proofing option

Did you want to take the first step into being self-reliant for power?

From $5999

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Battery systems

The self-reliant solution

Are you working throughout the day and only using power at night?

From $9999

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