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The self-reliant solution

Prices start from $9999

Are you working throughout the day and only using power at night?

Package Description

Battery systems allow you to become self-reliant for power. We recommend this type of system if your home consumes most of its power at night.

The system uses a bidirectional inverter/s to be able to convert DC power to AC power and vice versa.

Any excess power generated is stored in the batteries, allowing you to use the stored energy at night.


A bespoke solar system to your house will match the consumption needs of your home and minimise any excess power. This will ensure you are experiencing the maximum return on your investment.

Package Includes

A full initial site inspection to determine the optimum location and size of the solar system.

A specialised design of the solar system, tailored for your home and needs.

A detailed report of the installation and all works completed.

*Pricing is applicable for customers located within 50km radius of a capital city CBD. If your property is more than 50km from a capital city CBD, or if you have a larger/commercial system, we will happily provide you with a quote. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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