Solar Service

SSG provides four different service types for you to choose from. If you are unsure which service to select, give us a call and we will recommend the best service for your needs. We stand by the quality of our service: all SSG services come with our 12-month workmanship guarantee.

Preventative Maintenance

The all-inclusive package

Has it been over 12 months since your solar system was last inspected?

From $350

Health Check

The worry-free solution

Do you suspect your solar system is underperforming or was installed poorly? Or have you purchased a new home with an existing solar system?

From $250


The fault-fixing answer

Is your solar system not working? Is your inverter displaying a fault code/light or a non-responsive screen?

From $180

Solar Panel Cleaning

The essential system upkeep

Do your solar panels have a build-up of dirt or animal droppings?

From $160

Why maintain your solar system?

  • Solar photovoltaic systems have low maintenance and servicing requirements. This leads many users to ignore their solar systems after they have been installed until problems arise.
  • Servicing your solar system means problems can be detected early, before they get too serious and costly to fix. This can also mean issues can be rectified within the applicable timeframe for the system’s warranty.

Warranty and insurance claims are our speciality

  • Solar Service Guys works closely with solar manufacturers across the globe, and we have worked through warranty claims with a multitude of brands. We are experienced and qualified to process warranty claims on your behalf, leading to less worry and work for you.
  • Solar Service Guys can provide detailed digital reports for insurance claims. Our technicians will test and diagnose the potential failure point, whilst documenting everything required for the insurance claim to be processed seamlessly.
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