Solar Panel Cleaning

The essential system upkeep

$160* (incl. GST) for systems up to 5kW

Do your solar panels have a build-up of dirt or animal droppings?

Package Description

We recommend the solar panel cleaning package when your solar system is underperforming due to dirty panels caused by dirt or animal droppings such as dust storms or pigeons


Clean solar panels can improve your solar system’s performance by up to 10%, ensuring you maximise your return on investment. Regular cleaning of your solar panels will also reduce the likelihood of faults caused by long-term shading of the panels.

Package Includes

  • Full professional clean of your solar panels with specialised equipment.1
  • Verifying that no recalled products are still operating within your system.
  • Inspecting and recording inverter readings.
  • Supply of a detailed report of the inspection and all works completed.

*Pricing is applicable for customers located within 50km radius of a capital city CBD. If your property is more than 50km from a capital city CBD, or if you have a larger/commercial system, we will happily provide you with a quote. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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