Solar Health Check

The worry-free solution

$250* (incl. GST) for systems up to 5kW

Do you suspect your solar system is underperforming or was installed poorly? Or have you purchased a new home with an existing solar system?

Package Description

We recommend the solar health check package when the performance of your solar system does not meet your expectations.

We will analyse your system and identify whether your system is operating correctly. Think of it as a test of the “road-worthiness” of your solar system.


Checking whether your solar system is installed correctly will ensure your warranty is not voided due to poor workmanship. Furthermore, a system check will ensure any potential issues are detected before they cause problems.

Package Includes

All services in the Solar Repair Package

  • Electrical functionality tests of solar equipment to investigate any system fault.
  • Verifying that no recalled products are still operating within your system.
  • Accessing roof to check panel configuration, specification and earthing of the array.
  • Supply of a detailed report of the inspection and all works completed.
  • Submitting a warranty claim to manufacturers on your behalf if required.
  • Supplying a quote for out-of-warranty equipment. (Quote can only be supplied after a site visit.)
  • Note: SSG offers financing options if your inverter needs to be replaced out of warranty.


  • A complete site inspection of your solar system to review installation quality and performance issues.
  • Using specialised tools to analyse shading impact on the array and performance of system.

*Pricing is applicable for customers located within 50km radius of a capital city CBD. If your property is more than 50km from a capital city CBD, or if you have a larger/commercial system, we will happily provide you with a quote. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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