Solar Upgrades

Upgrading your solar system has many benefits. An upgrade can increase your power production capabilities or allow you to better manage your power consumption.

Here are a few examples of how we might be able to upgrade your existing system. Feel free to contact us to further explore your options.

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Wildlife protection

  • Animals living under your solar panels can cause significant damage to your solar system. Having adequate wildlife protection installed on your system to discourage animals from nesting underneath it is important in order to prevent situations such as:
    • Possible fire hazards caused by possums chewing through your solar panel cables
    • Possible permanent solar panel damage caused by birds nesting and leaving their droppings on your panels


  • Monitoring your solar production and consumption will allow you to make better energy decisions, such as deciding when to use energy or what electrical appliance to use. Monitoring can come in two forms, meter monitoring or inverter monitoring.
  • Meter monitoring consists of a standalone or inverter-compatible device installed at your main switchboard. This will allow you make decisions with the knowledge of both when you’re using your solar power and when you are producing excess power.
  • Inverter monitoring consists of installing a modern inverter with monitoring capabilities. This allows you to monitor production only, letting you know how much solar energy you are producing so you can compare it to predicted solar energy production. Most modern inverters have monitoring functionality already built in. If you are unsure about whether your inverter has this functionality, feel free to contact us to find out.
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Solar Service Guys Battery Systems Save Energy


If you are experiencing little to no change in your electricity bills after buying a solar system, chances are you are not consuming the energy during the day. Having a battery system retrofitted to your solar system will allow you to conserve excess power produced during the day and store it in the batteries. Your stored power is then available for use when it’s dark, saving you the need to purchase power at night.

Alternatively, if you are on a time-of-use tariff (where electricity prices vary based on the time of day), you can install a battery system to purchase power from the grid at a lower price, and use the stored energy when prices are higher, saving you money.

Increasing capacity

You may also be able to upgrade by expanding your current solar system capacity, if you have the extra roof space. If you are unsatisfied with your current solar production, or have increased energy consumption due to a new resident in your house or a new appliance, expanding your system can make a real difference to your energy costs.

Upgrading components

  • If you have limited roof space or old inefficient components, replacing your old parts with newer ones will give you the benefits of modern solar technologies. These benefits include better efficiencies with modern materials and extra safety systems with upgraded standards.
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